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Ducted Vacuum Pipe Repairs and Low Suction Repairs

It is rare for a ducted vacuum system to lose suction or to get blockages in the pipe work however if it occurs it can sometimes be simple to fix.

The following can cause low suction

  • A blockage in the vacuum system hose and vacuum system tools,
  • One of your vacuum system pipes may have come apart or be cracked,
  • A leak could be in the system somewhere,
  • A dirty or blocked filter/ filter bag or
  • A fault with the vacuum system power unit.

Always check all inlets for a blockage as unless the blockage is close to the power unit some of the other inlets may work fine.
If all the inlets seem low on suction there could be a blockage close or at the vacuum system power unit.

If you need help fixing any of the above listed problems please call us, we are happy to help. We provide ducted vacuum pipe repair, blockage repair and low suction repair to ALL brands and models of ducted vacuum systems in Brisbane and nearby areas.

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