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Integrated Vacuum System Repairs, Service, and Accessories.

Electrical Results offers qualified professional and experienced on site service and repairs for integrated vacuum systems. Whether you need repairs, parts, accessories, to fix poor suction, no suction, new inlets, vacpans, integrated vacuum motors, or upgrades of your existing system, you can trust the integrated vacuum system repair service at Electrical Results. Our guarantee is quality products, prompt service and a written warranty your peace of mind. Electrical Results is committed to providing the highest quality repair service. Our qualified electrical staff do not compromise on machine performance and we to work to the manufacturer’s specifications and only use new parts. We are able to provide integrated vacuum repairs in Brisbane and surrounding areas. We repair and service all brands of vacuum systems including:- Valet, iCentral, Beam, Das, Aussievac, Astrovac, Cyclic, Electrolux, Electron (EVS), Lux, Pullman, Vacumaid, Silent Master, Silent Partner, Vacuflo, Premier Clean, Auskay, Hills, Attila, Star vacuum, Centravac and many other systems.

Integrated Vacuum System Service

Getting your integrated vacuum system serviced and maintained is important as it keeps your system in good working order which can extend the life of the motor and improve the suction. Electrical Results can perform a thorough service on your integrated vacuum system to ensure that your vacuum cleaner will continue to operate at its best and as part of our service we test your integrated vacuum pipes for blockages and leaks using a vacuum gauge. Electrical Results is committed to providing the highest quality service.

Integrated Vacuum System Replacement and Upgrade

Not happy with your integrated vacuum systems performance? Electrical Results can can supply only or supply and install a new quality replacement vacuum power unit or upgrade your old vacuum power unit to new more powerful power unit sized correctly for your integrated. We do integrated vacuum system replacement of all brands and models of vacuum systems. Not sure what system you need? Contact us and we can help you decide.

Integrated Vacuum System Motor Replacement

We stock a large range of genuine integrated vacuum system replacement motors, including brands such as Ametek Lamb and Domel motors available in bypass, flow through, tangential motor formats to suit most vacuum systems for on site vacuum motor replacement.

Integrated Vacuum System Tools and Accessories

Our range of vacuum accessories and tools include everything you need to get the job done easily and efficiently. Choose from a wide range of tools including crevice tools, hard floor brushes, combination brushes, dusting brushes, upholstery brushes, telescopic wands, hose hangers, hose socks, tool caddy bags and more. Our tools are compatible with all integrated vacuum systems.

Integrated Vacuum System Low Suction

The following can cause low suction

  • A blockage in the vacuum hose and vacuum tools.
  • Always check all inlets for a blockage, unless the blockage is close to the power unit some of the other inlets may work fine.
  • If all the inlets seem low on suction there could be a blockage close or at the integrated vacuum power unit.
  • One of your integrated vacuum system pipes may have come apart.
  • A leak could be in the system some where.
  • A dirty or blocked filter/ filter bag.
  • A fault with the integrated vacuum power unit.

Electrical Results specialises in

Integrated vacuum system pipe repair,
Integrated vacuum system pipe and fittings sales,
Integrated vacuum system repair,
Integrated vacuum system service,
Integrated vacuum system maintenance,
Integrated vacuum system upgrade,
Integrated vacuum system sales,
Integrated vacuum system parts,
Integrated vacuum system Inlet valve repair,
Integrated vacuum system accessories,
Integrated vacuum system replacement,
Integrated vacuum system Motor repair, replacement,sales.
Electrical repairs and installations
And much more …

Integrated Vacuum System Pipe and Fittings and Integrated Vacuum System Inlet Valves

At Electrical Results we keep a collection of quality vacuum system piping, pipe fittings and inlet valves that will fit all vacuum systems. All vacuum system piping is 50mm outside diameter.

Our integrated vacuum system services include:- integrated vacuum system sales of integrated vacuum system pipe, integrated vacuum system parts, integrated vacuum system motors. Our on site services include- integrated vacuum system repair, integrated vacuum system replacement, integrated vacuum system service, integrated vacuum system motor replacement, integrated vacuum system maintenance.

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Integrated Vacuum System Featured Accessories and Parts

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