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Power Surge Diverter/ Surge Protector Installation, Brisbane

Power surges are unavoidable. They can be caused by accidents or electrical storms. Power surges can damage expensive and valuable electronic circuitry in equipment such as televisions, computers, ovens etc. We can install an electrical surge diverter in your main switchboard to protect all of your circuits in your home or business from over voltage surges. A professionally installed surge diverter in the main switchboard will protect your whole building or house whereas a plug in surge diverter will only protect limited equipment. A surge diverter may not protect your equipment from a direct lightning strike on your home however the chances of your home being stuck by lightning may be low.

We specialise in Electrical Surge Diverter installations in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, and Redlands.

For Electrical Surge Diverter installation talk to Michael or Maria Sansom at Electrical Results.

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