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Security Light and Sensor light Installation, Repair and Replacement Brisbane

Add hands-free convenience, energy efficiency, security and safety to your home by adding sensor controlled lights, exhaust fans or more. Outside the home or office motion sensor lights can light up paths and driveways and inside they are great for pantries, garages, stairwells and bathrooms. Call Michael Sansom of Electrical Results, for light installations in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Motion Sensors versus Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy Sensors are designed to detect minor movements, such as a person typing in an area. Motion Sensors are designed to detect larger movements such as a person walking into area.

Our lighting Services includes:-

Light install, replace and repair for house, shop or factory,
Exterior lights including flood lights, garden lights, security lights, sensor lights,
Interior lights including fluorescent lights, chandeliers, down lights, batten holders,
Lamp replacement,
Commercial lighting including emergency lighting, high bay lights,
Light switch install, repair and replace including timers and dimmers,
Ceiling fan and fan control repair, install and replacement,
Heater fan light and exhaust fan repair, install and replacement,
Transformer replacement,
Electrical repairs to lighting circuit
and much more.

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