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Electrical Switchboard and Meter box Installs, Repairs and Upgrades, Brisbane.

Electrical Results can carry out all of your electrical switchboard and meter box installations, repairs and upgrades at your home or business. Older buildings that have rewireable fuses pose a high risk of an electrical fire and increase the risk of an electrical shock. By law all new switchboard installations must have electrical safety switches installed (RCD’s). Safety Switches act when an electrical fault to earth is detected and will isolate the circuit almost immediately. If you are installing new appliances or renovating your home or business you may need an electrical switchboard upgrade.

Old switchboards especially those with ceramic rewireable fuses were not designed to cater for today’s high power consumption. If you think about the appliances that were used when your house or building was first built and compare it to now, we are consuming much more electricity. The old fuse boxes weren’t designed to take the load that we put on them now and can be potential fire hazards due to overloading. Sometimes these homes and businesses experience nuisance power tripping.

Our Electrical Switchboard Services Include:-

  • Circuit breaker installs and repairs,
  • Extra circuits,
  • Switchboards, load centres, fuse boxes and meter boxes, installs and repairs,
  • Earth stakes,
  • Control circuits and control cabinets,
  • Consumer mains cables,
  • Electricity tariffs e.g. off peak tariff 31 and tariff 33,
  • Fuse box repairs and replacement,
  • Three phase power,
  • RCD Safety Switches,
  • Switchboard Surge protection,
    and much more…

Talk to Michael or Maria Sansom at Electrical Results. We can assess the need for an electrical switchboard, load centre or meter-box upgrade, repair or replacement.

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