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Repairs, Service, Parts and Accessories For Silent Partner Vacuum Brisbane

Need Your Silent Partner Vacuum Fixed?

Electrical Results provides qualified professional & experienced repairs and servicing for Silent Partner vacuums in Brisbane and surrounding areas with our reputation of reliable, friendly, on time service using only top quality products with exceptional workmanship. We specialise in ducted vacuum power unit repairs, upgrades, motor replacement, fixing poor suction, removal of pipe blockages, repairs to inlets and vacpans and supply of replacement parts, tools, hoses and accessories. Michael Sansom of Electrical Results with over 25 years industry experience can service your Silent Partner ducted vacuum which can help keep it in good working order and extend the life of the motor. This will ensure that your vacuum cleaner will continue to operate at its best. A warranty is provided on all repairs for your peace of mind.

We repair and service all models of Silent Partner vacuum systems and all other brands of ducted vacuum systems.

For central vacuum repairs, service, parts and accessories please call Maria Sansom in our office.

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