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Switched Vacuum Hose Kit 9m, 10.5m or 12m Suits all Ducted, Central & Vacu maid Vacuums

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The hose and accessories in this kit are compatible with all built in vacuums, ducted vacuums, central vacuum systems, including brands such as Vacu maid, Valet, iCentral, Astro Vac, Aussie Vac, Auskey, Attila, DAS, Cyclic, Hoover, Lux, Slient Master, Electrolux, Electron, EVS, Hills, Volta, Premier Clean, Beam, Typhoon, Monarch,Star Vac, Pullman and more.

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If you are upgrading from a standard hose to a switched hose please check all of your inlets, they must have two low voltage metal contact pins inside the hole of the valve. These pins are what make it possible to use a ducted vacuum switch hose on your system, many older ducted vacuum inlets had a hidden micro switch attached to the flap or a single ball bearing switch, these inlet valves are not compatible with a switch hose, however you still upgrade to a switch hose if you replace all of your inlets to the modern 2 pin type ducted vacuum inlet valve.

The switch hose and tool kit includes:-
A choice of a 9m, 10.5m or 12m silver ducted vacuum switch hose,
1 x Vacuum Combination tool,
1 x Vacuum telescopic wand,
1 x Vacuum Hose hanger,
1 x Vacuum Crevice tool,
1 x Vacuum Dusting brush,
1 x Vacuum Upholstery tool.

(9m) (10.5m) (12m)

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