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Ducted/Central Vacuum Hose Handle (Bent End Piece, BEP) Installation Instructions

Posted by Michael Sansom on

The BEP is only compatible with standard vacuum hose (approximate 32mm internal diameter, 39mm external diameter) and is not compatible with ducted vacuum switch hoses.

For use with all 32mm vacuum systems such as built in vacuums, ducted vacuums, central vacuum systems and all systems with a 32mm diameter wand, including brands such as Vacu Maid, Valet, iCentral, AstroVac, AussieVac,Auskey, Attila, DAS, Cyclic, Hoover, Lux, Slient Master, Electrolux, Electron, EVS, Hills, Volta, Premier Clean, Beam, Typhoon, Monarch, Pullman and more.

Tools required for fitting – Small flat blade screw driver and a sharp knife. Optional – contact adhesive.

1. Remove the existing handle from your vacuum hose by detaching the clip ring at the rear of the hose handle. To remove the clip ring, press the two recessed clips with a small screwdriver. Unscrew the old cuff clockwise.

If the old cuff is glued to the hose or the hose is split near the handle, then cut the hose behind the existing cuff or split using a sharp bladed knife. Ensure the cut is perpendicular (not angled).

2. Slide the new clip ring over the end of the hose oriented as shown.

3. Screw the new adaptor cuff to the end of the hose. The cuff screws onto the hose anticlockwise.

3b This step is Optional – before screwing the cuff into position, put a small amount of contact adhesive glue applied about 10mm from the end of the hose, this will ensure that the cuff will not gradually unscrew from the hose during normal use. Clean any excess glue off the cuff to ensure that the new handle can swivel on the hose.

4. Slide the end of the hose fitted with the cuff into the rear of the new handle.

5. Push the clip ring against the rear of the handle and press so that the two clips snap into place.

Your new hose handle is now ready for use.

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