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Electrical Switchboards, Safety Switches and Surge Diverters

Electrical switchboard installs, repairs and upgrades.

Electrical Results can carry out all of your electrical switchboard installations and electrical switchboard repairs to your home, industrial or commercial property. Older buildings that have rewireable fuses pose a higher risk of an electrical fire and increase the risk of an electrical shock. By law all new switchboard installations must have electrical safety switches installed. Safety Switches act when an electrical fault to earth is detected and will isolate the circuit almost immediately. If you are installing new appliances or renovating your home or business you may need an electrical switchboard upgrade.

Old switchboards especially those with ceramic rewireable fuses were not designed to cater for todays high power consumption. If you think about the appliances that where used when your house or building was first built and compare it to now we are consuming much more electricity. The old fuse boxes weren’t designed to take the load that we put on them now and can be potential fire hazards due to overloading. Sometimes these homes and businesses experience power tripping.

Our Electricians can assess the need for an electrical switchboard upgrade, electrical switchboard repair or electrical switchboard replacement.

Safety Switch Installation

Protect family or staff at your home or business by getting experienced professionals to provide safety switch installation. Unlike surge protectors that purely protect the appliance, these devices cut off electricity and prevent injury from faulty appliances or wiring. Due to legal requirements a safety switch installation may be required at your property. This low cost addition to your home or building will add peace of mind knowing you are doing everything you can to minimise the risk of electrical shock. Contact Electrical Results today to organise a safety switch installation.

Surge Diverter installation

Power surges are unavoidable. They can be caused by accidents or electrical storms, and can damage expensive or valuable electronic circuitry in equipment such as televisions, computers, ovens etc.
Install an electrical surge diverter in your main switchboard to protect all of your circuits in your home or office from over voltage surges. A professional surge diverter installed into the main switchboard will protect your whole house whereas a plug in surge diverter will only protect limited equipment.

3 Phase Power

Electrical Results aims to bring our many customers the ultimate in electrical installation and electrical repair service. It is for this reason we are happy to provide our customers with 3 phase power installations and repairs and take the necessary measures to ensure you are fully equipped with everything you need to run those larger appliances without hassle. We also ensure we work in a safe manner throughout the installation of this economical alternative. Electrical Results provides Three Phase Installations and Repair Service to:- 3 Phase hoist connections, 3 phase power points, 3 phase motor connections, 3 phase circuits, 3 phase switchboards, 3 phase motor soft starters, 3 phase variable speed drives, 3 phase generator hook ups, 3 phase control cabinets, 3 phase isolators, 3 phase sockets, 3 phase outlets, 3 phase switches, Single phase to 3 phase upgrades, and more.

Electrical Switchboard Services

Circuit breaker upgrades,
Circuit breaker installs,
Circuit breaker repairs,
Install new switchboards,
Upgrade existing switchboards,
Repair faulty electrical switchboards,
Meter boxes,
Earth stakes,
Control circuits,
Control cabinets,
Consumer mains cables,
Electricity tariffs e.g. off peak tariff 31 and tariff 33,
Fuse box repairs,
Three phase power

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