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Phone Cabling and Points, ADSL Cabling Points and Filters

Electrical Results are the experts in phone cabling installation. Whether you have just moved into a new property or you’re not happy with your current cabling or phone points, we can provide telephone point installation , upgrade, rewire or repair in your home or business. Our team is fully trained and experienced in handling all elements of telephone socket/jacks installation, home phone line repair and business phone line repair and can fulfill your requirements with fast and friendly service. We know how important it is to be able to make calls when you need to so please give us a call if you need a home phone point or business phone point repaired today.

ADSL filter install and ADSL Cabling

Once we install your home phone socket or carried out any necessary phone cable repair we also determine whether you will require an ADSL filter installed. This is recommended for those who get disruptions or crackling noises on the receiver whilst connected to the internet. By using this filter you will minimise interference whilst getting the best internet connection possible. An ADSL central filter installation may be required if you have an alarm system connected to the same phone line as your ADSL internet connection. Give us a call if you would like an ADSL filter installation at your home or business.

Your Telephone line provider is responsible for cabling from the street to the house or building.

Our Qualified Telecommunication services:-

Additional phone points for home or business,
Home and business data networks sockets,
Repairs to existing cabling,
Rewires and new cabling,
Internet connections,
ADSL Router sockets,
ADSL Central filters,
Telephone points, sockets and jacks,
Fax machine points,
Additional data points,
Patch panels,
Back Bone Cabling,
Category 5e (Cat5e) and Category 6 (Cat6) cabling and patch leads,
All Electrical repairs and installations.
Internet cabling,

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