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Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Lighting

Modernise, brighten and enhance the look of a room, showroom, warehouse, shop, or factory floor or improve exterior security with the effective use of lighting. You can rely on Electrical Results your local Commercial Industrial Lighting Electrician Brisbane to provide fast, reliable, friendly service using only quality products. For all of your Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Lighting needs call Electrical Results.

Fan, Switch and Lighting Electrical Services includes:-

Lighting installations, Lighting replacement, Lighting repairs, Lighting upgrades, Emergency Light and Exit Light Testing, Switch Installations, Switch Repairs, Switch Upgrades, Ceiling fan and Fan control installs and replacements, Exhaust fan install and replacement, Heater fan light install and replacement

Electrical Results can Wire, Repair and install:-

Chandeliers, Downlights, Downlight covers, Exterior lighting, Flood lighting, Fluorescent lighting, Garden lights, Interior lights, Lamp replacement, Light dimmers, Low voltage lights, Security lights, Sensor lights, Sign lighting, Batten holders, Uplights, LED lighting, Light Switches, Lighting Circuits, Emergency lighting, High Bay Lights, Shop lighting, Car park Lights, light switches, Heater fan lights, Ceiling fans, Exhaust fans and more.

Light Switches Install, Repair and upgrades.

Sometimes when you turn a light switch on or off you may see a flash of light or hear an arcing/cracking sound. The spark and sound is caused by an arc across the contacts when the switch is operated. One cause of this is when the contacts in the switch are worn out. In this case the switch should be replaced. Another cause of a sparking light switch is excessive load. In this case a higher capacity switch mechanism should be installed. You may also see and hear a spark from your light switch if you move the switch too slowly. In this case you are holding the internal contacts just the right distance apart to cause an arc. Always operate a switch correctly to avoid this. If the switch is cracked or the mechanism is hanging out on one side the switch should be replaced before it falls apart.
If in doubt the best idea is to get the switch checked and replaced if necessary.
If you have a faulty switch Electrical Results has electricians ready to service the South Side of Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Ceiling fan Install, Repair and Replace

Ceiling fans are an extremely efficient way to cool your home and generally use about as much power as a 60 watt light bulb to run. Ceiling Sweep Fans generate a gentle breeze, reducing the ambient temperature on hot days and nights. Heating bills can be reduced in winter by operating the fans in the reverse cycle on low speed which re-directs the trapped hot air from the ceiling. For your ceiling fan, exhaust fan, heater fan light needs you can rely on Electrical Results to provide fast, reliable, friendly service using only top quality products.

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