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Vacuum Tool Sizes Explained.

Posted by Michael Sansom on

It is very important to utilise the tool that is designed to perform a particular cleaning job in order to obtain full efficiency from your system. There are a range of special carpet & flooring tools available which are not included as part of the standard tool kits. For example these include a mini turbo brush, a pet grooming tool, and more. All of Electrical Results’ quality vacuum tools, vacuum wands, hose handle and vacuum hoses are designed to fit standard 32mm vacuum fittings as found on built in vacuums, ducted vacuums, central vacuum systems, including brands such as Vacu Maid, Valet, iCentral, AstroVac, AussieVac,Auskey, Attila, DAS, Cyclic, Hoover, Lux, Slient Master, Electrolux, Electron, EVS, Hills, Volta, Premier Clean, Beam, Typhoon, Monarch, Pullman and more.

Vacuum Hose

Hose measurements are
32mm internal diameter, 39mm external diameter

Ducted vacuum hose cuff

Tapered from 36mm to 39mm

Vacuum Wand

32mm internal diameter measured at the top of the wand and tapered at the bottom of the wand 30mm to 32mm.

Vacuum Hose Handle BEP

Tapered 30mm to 32mm

Vacuum Tools

All of our vacuum tools are design to fit 32mm vacuum wands and BEPs
32mm Measured internally.


32mm is the standard size for all ducted vacuum systems such as AstroVac, AussieVac, Beam, Cyclic, DAS, Electrolux, Electron (EVS), Hills, Vacu maid, Volta, Premier Clean, Auskay, Pullman, Attila, Silent Master and more. Note -Some domestic and commercial vacuum cleaners use 35mm, 36mm or 38mm vacuum tools.

Our vacuum tools are not compatible with vacuum cleaners that use non standard tools. These can be identified by not being circular and the easiest way the ensure our tools will fit is to measure the internal diameter of one of your old tools.

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